• Validate the accuracy of all disclosures including 1003 
  • Vendor order (title, appraisal, homeowners insurance, etc)
  • Review all credit documents including the income documentation, assets, credit report and all supporting credit related documentation
  • Run the AUS (DU or LP)
  • Submit the file to the designated Lender for underwriting
  • Review the Lender decision for accuracy
  • Request and obtain all of the conditions outlined on the underwriting decision
  • Review and submit all of the conditions for the final approval
  • Schedule closing
  • Complete the fee sheet
  • Obtain Closing Disclosure from the attorney and review it for accuracy

At P360, we continuously communicate with customers and Loan Officers of any file status change, or updates.  Our 5 Tenets of Customer Service Communication include:

  1. Introduction call and e-mail
  2. Approval call and e-mail
  3. Follow up call and e-mail/Conditions submitted to Underwriting 
  4. Closing date/Time scheduling call and email
  5. Final approval call and e-mail